welcome to the mulla mulla press

This is the website for Mulla Mulla Press based in Western Australia. We publish poets.

Browse our publications:

  • For Instance by Matt Hetherington
  • Dirty H2O by Sandra Thibodeaux
  • lemon oil by Jackson
  • Descended From Thieves by Coral Carter
  • Ungainly by Jennifer Compton
  • Summer Sky Blues by Coral Carter
  • the rutting season by _scott-patrick mitchell
  • Orchid Poems by Amanda Joy
  • {QWERTY} take my word for it by Andrew Burke
  • Prayers waiting for God - David Barnes' first and last book
  • RECOIL TWO - a collection of Perth Poetry Club 2010
  • meet me at gethsemane - Paul Harrison’s first book of poems




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